Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery

by Matt Butcher | Published by Packt Publishing

The very first Drupal module I was ever tasked with building was a little widget for displaying portfolio items. You could scroll through thumbnails, three at a time, each successive three being loaded via AJAX, and clicking on any thumbnail loaded a larger image and description, via AJAX of course, for that portfolio item. I was brand new to Drupal and, despite being pretty scared of JavaScript, was thought of as "the AJAX person" on the team (because I had once mentioned that one time I had built something that used AJAX). It was a pretty tall order, from my perspective.

Pro JavaScript Design Patterns

by Ross Harmes and Dustin Diaz | Published by Apress
Pro JavaScript Design Patterns

When I first got my copy of Pro JavaScript Design Patterns I couldn't help but notice that Apress had altered their trademark black and yellow cover design to black and orange, undoubtably because of their similarity at first glance to the For Dummies books. After all, these are "books for professionals by professionals" - it wouldn't do at all to have one get into the hands of a dummy!