DrupalCon Szeged 2008

Back from DrupalCon Szeged

OK I've actually been back several days now, just hadn't got around to posting this. Read my Raincity blog post on DrupalCon Szeged here. In short, it was mind-blowingly awesome. I have to say the social aspect was really fantastic - I got to meet so many fascinatingly interesting people. Drupalers really are an unusually diverse bunch of people with all sorts of different backgrounds. The sessions I attended were all excellent.

Looking for Szeged co-presenters for jQuery Tutorial

[Cross-posting from the Raincity blog]

I've submitted a proposal to the DrupalCon Szeged site for a tutorial session on jQuery in Drupal. I'd reallly like to get two co-presenters on board to structure it into three 30-minute tutorials, each covering two or three of the following suggested topics: