AHAH in Drupal: may it one day live up to its acronym

With a name like AHAH, one might expect positive experiences in one's dealings with it. But often a name like "AGAH!" would seem more appropriate (Asynchronous Groaning and Headbashing?). There's no doubt about it - AHAH in Drupal is hard. I'm referring here to the trick of dynamically changing elements on a form or adding new ones, as is done on the poll creation form in core. It was next to impossible in Drupal 5, promises to be fairly straight-forward in Drupal 7, but has many people tearing their hair out in Drupal 6.

The dual aspect of Drupal forms and what this means for your AHAH callback

Over the last week or two I've spent a lot of time on an aspect of my Quick Tabs module that I am certain none of its users will care a hoot about. It wasn't a case of adding a new feature or fixing a bug or even improving usability, but a question of, to put it succinctly, cutting down on its evilness. The admin form for creating and editing Quick Tabs blocks (where you choose either a block or a view for each tab) had a serious amount of ahah functionality: click a button to instantly add a new tab, click a button to instantly remove one of your tabs, select a view for your tab and have the view display drop-down be instantly populated with the correct options for that view. It was pretty user-friendly; there was just one problem: it flew in the face of Form API best practices.

Hopefully helpful ramblings about jQuery in Drupal

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