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Four fallacies in some current Drupal community thought processes

Of course I couldn't help but be aware of the raging debate that went on today over certain remarks Dries made in his keynote at DrupalCon Copenhagen. My own opinions on the matter aside, sometimes people are just plain wrong. Here are some examples of the incoherent arguments being put forward today.

Fallacy #1

Discussions on Open Source

Since long before I was even involved in open source myself, the phenomenon has fascinated me and I've wondered what its implications are at a broader level than where we see it today. For example, to what extent, if at all, is it inextricably bound up with technology and the internet? It's a topic that makes for interesting philosophical discussion, an example of which is here. And below is a video of an interesting talk from TED in which Yochai Benkler discusses open-source economics: