Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery

by Matt Butcher | Published by Packt Publishing

The very first Drupal module I was ever tasked with building was a little widget for displaying portfolio items. You could scroll through thumbnails, three at a time, each successive three being loaded via AJAX, and clicking on any thumbnail loaded a larger image and description, via AJAX of course, for that portfolio item. I was brand new to Drupal and, despite being pretty scared of JavaScript, was thought of as "the AJAX person" on the team (because I had once mentioned that one time I had built something that used AJAX). It was a pretty tall order, from my perspective.

Looking for Szeged co-presenters for jQuery Tutorial

[Cross-posting from the Raincity blog]

I've submitted a proposal to the DrupalCon Szeged site for a tutorial session on jQuery in Drupal. I'd reallly like to get two co-presenters on board to structure it into three 30-minute tutorials, each covering two or three of the following suggested topics:

Hopefully helpful ramblings about jQuery in Drupal

I just posted Part Two of a fairly lengthy discussion of jQuery in Drupal over on the Raincity Studios website. Check out both installments:
The Lowdown on jQuery - Part One
The Lowdown on jQuery - Part Two

My DCV08 Presentation Slides

Drupal Camp Vancouver '08 was a roaring success and I enjoyed it enormously. There was a really interesting crowd at the event, with people from Seattle, Victoria, even as far away as Saskatoon and parts of Alberta. It was an amazing opportunity for networking and just getting to know more of the local (and obviously not-so-local) Drupal scene.

jQuery in Drupal

I gave an introductory presentation on jQuery to the Vancouver League of Drupallers the week before DrupalCon Boston. It covered the basics of the jQuery framework and an explanation of how to use it in Drupal. Here is the slideshare of the presentation: