Drupal Camp Vancouver

In March I attended my first DrupalCon and next weekend I will experience my first Drupal Camp - right here in Vancouver. OK, so it won't be quite the grand affair that DrupalCon Boston was, but there are lots of interesting talks lined up and it will be great to meet more of the local Drupalers. Some of the sessions that have caught my eye so far include "Building Community with Organic Groups", "Intro to Panels 2" and the session on the Forms API.

Introducing Slot Machine ... soon!

I've been working with Marco Carbone of Advomatic on a powerful content scheduling module. Marco originally built Slot Machine for FastCompany.com and it proved such a powerful tool for organising content display it was obvious that contributing it to the community was the next step. As its name suggests, the module allows you to 'slot' content into different queues according to topics, which come from a particular vocabulary, and define the update frequency for each slot in each topic.

jQuery in Drupal

I gave an introductory presentation on jQuery to the Vancouver League of Drupallers the week before DrupalCon Boston. It covered the basics of the jQuery framework and an explanation of how to use it in Drupal. Here is the slideshare of the presentation:

Quick Tabs 1.0 Released!

I finally got over my "just one more tweak..." attempt at perfectionism and decided to release quicktabs properly. Yes, there are still features that need to be added, in particular better editing flexibility for existing quicktabs blocks. But the main functionality is there and there don't seem to be any serious bugs. And people want it! So here it is: http://drupal.org/project/quicktabs

And the blurb from the project page, in case you don't want to go there just now, that explains what it does:

Tasty as Brahms...?

During recent email discussions with a certain brother of mine, the question of whether food could eventually constitute an artform like music or painting was debated. I was arguing that it could not and I felt pretty sure about this, but I was also aware that I didn't want the alternative view to be correct. Music is very dear to my heart and so the idea that a good meal could ever do for someone what a beautiful piece of music does for me was intolerable.