Quick Tabs 1.0 Released!

I finally got over my "just one more tweak..." attempt at perfectionism and decided to release quicktabs properly. Yes, there are still features that need to be added, in particular better editing flexibility for existing quicktabs blocks. But the main functionality is there and there don't seem to be any serious bugs. And people want it! So here it is: http://drupal.org/project/quicktabs

And the blurb from the project page, in case you don't want to go there just now, that explains what it does:

The Quick Tabs module allows you to create blocks of tabbed content, specifically views and blocks. You can create a block on your site containing up to six tabs with corresponding content. Clicking on the tabs makes the corresponding content display instantly (it uses jQuery). The content for each tabbed section can be either a view or an existing block. It is an ideal way to do something like the Most Popular / Most Emailed stories tabs you see on many news websites.

Once created, the Quick Tabs blocks show up in your block listing, ready to be configured and enabled like other blocks.

Multiple Quick Tabs blocks can be placed on a single page.

For theming of the tabs, 9 styles have been provided for you to choose from, along with the default option of no style, if you prefer to add your own theming instead.