Obligatory time-marking blog post

It's almost a year since I last wrote anything on my own blog. I have written on other blogs, just not this one: for example, see the piece I just wrote on high-c.com, And would you like a Bach Chaconne with that, Sir? I'm hoping this will get me back into the habit of writing. I'm way overdue a post on Drupal-related things (I didn't even do a DrupalCon SF wrap-up post - in short, it was AWESOME). As seems typical for me, I've been working on some Ajax-related stuff, including a couple of core patches that I really hope will get into D7, more on that in a separate post.


My main excuse for the lack of writing here is that I've been busy moving around a lot. Since I last wrote on here, I have moved house and changed jobs, and will soon be moving house yet again. We are moving to Bowen Island, a beautiful island just off Vancouver, from which you can get a water taxi downtown in just 30 minutes. Work At Play, the company I now work for, are being awesome enough to allow me to work from home two days a week so I'll only be commuting into the office 3 days a week. Hopefully the bald eagles nesting in the tree above our house won't make too much of a racket. The photo above shows the view from where we've been living in West Vancouver the past few months, looking across at Bowen Island. Heck, while I'm at it, here's a photo of the cat we've been looking after:

Chloe the cat

And here's the motorcycle I bought recently:


That about sums it up, as a punctuation mark - a fermata, perhaps (or was that the silence that went before?) - on my blog.