The joys of BADcamp and my Drupal to-do list

One of the toughest things about working intensively on client projects is not having enough time to devote to Drupal community projects as one might like. I've been lamenting this a lot lately, having had to focus 100% on one particular project for the past couple of months. Aware of some very interesting discussions happening within the community that I would love to try to participate in, I've had to content myself with barely keeping up to date.

So the opportunity to attend BADcamp the weekend before last was extremely exciting for me (read my wrap-up of it over on the Raincity site). In one sense it felt like a bit of a free ride: it's been all take and no give from my side lately and here I was "masquerading" as an active member of the community. But on the other hand, by being around people like chx, dmitirg01, merlinofchaos, senpai, starbow and other members of the community who give back so much, it also had the effect of re-emphasising to me the importance of that type of participation. So that I am now more determined than ever to contribute in my own small ways as soon as I do free up some time.

Hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks and I'd really like to get into testing D7 patches. Webchick has set-up a patch spotlight page highlighting the most pressing improvements to core, categorised under such headings as documentation, theme system, JavaScript, developer experience, killer features and, amusingly, OMG WTF BBQ. She has made it so easy for us to help in this effort we really have no excuse (yes, I am talking to myself here).

Another priority of mine is the Quick Tabs module, which has been crying out for attention for weeks now. Here are some things I hope to get finished in the next couple of months:

  • add the Sky theme tab style as contributed by jacine
  • finally make that D6 ahah callback conform to the standards of Mr Form API, chx
  • add support for direct link to a tab, possibly using the jQuery History/Remote plugin
  • add the option to have ajax loaded tab content instead of just simple show/hide, possibly using the Tabs plugin in D6

That's my to-do list so far anyway, just wanted to get it all down there so I can't forget ;-)

Photo credit: khtoo