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Go forth and tabbify with Quicktabs 3.0 for Drupal 7

The Quicktabs module now has a stable release on two Drupal 6 branches (that's right, it never had a stable D6 release until a few weeks ago :-/) and on two D7 branches. The 7.x-3.x branch represents a complete rewrite of the module, providing much greater flexibility in what can be done with it.

Relatively Advanced Content Deployment with Deploy Module

In a previous post I announced a new module I had contributed back to Drupal.org, Incremental Deploy, which extends Deploy module in various ways, one of which is to make deployable certain items that couldn't previously be deployed. This follow-up post discusses some of the issues you can come up against when deploying certain types of content under certain circumstances and also what is involved in making something deployable.

Introducing Incremental Deploy

I've spent a good portion of the past several months working on a content deployment solution for one of our clients at Work [at] Play. The system is built on top of heyrocker's deploy/services paradigm but needed to expand on it in two important ways:

Four fallacies in some current Drupal community thought processes

Of course I couldn't help but be aware of the raging debate that went on today over certain remarks Dries made in his keynote at DrupalCon Copenhagen. My own opinions on the matter aside, sometimes people are just plain wrong. Here are some examples of the incoherent arguments being put forward today.

Fallacy #1

How the D7 AJAX framework could fall short of being spectacularly useful

With a title like that I should start by stating unequivocally that the D7 AJAX framework is a wonderful thing. Based on Earl Miles' CTools AJAX framework, it takes the agony out of dynamic form elements that characterised D6 AHAH forms, and I co-presented a session with Rob Loach and Randy Fay extolling its virtues at DrupalCon SF.

Obligatory time-marking blog post

It's almost a year since I last wrote anything on my own blog. I have written on other blogs, just not this one: for example, see the piece I just wrote on high-c.com, And would you like a Bach Chaconne with that, Sir? I'm hoping this will get me back into the habit of writing. I'm way overdue a post on Drupal-related things (I didn't even do a DrupalCon SF wrap-up post - in short, it was AWESOME). As seems typical for me, I've been working on some Ajax-related stuff, including a couple of core patches that I really hope will get into D7, more on that in a separate post.


AHAH in Drupal: may it one day live up to its acronym

With a name like AHAH, one might expect positive experiences in one's dealings with it. But often a name like "AGAH!" would seem more appropriate (Asynchronous Groaning and Headbashing?). There's no doubt about it - AHAH in Drupal is hard. I'm referring here to the trick of dynamically changing elements on a form or adding new ones, as is done on the poll creation form in core. It was next to impossible in Drupal 5, promises to be fairly straight-forward in Drupal 7, but has many people tearing their hair out in Drupal 6.

Rotators Unite!!

[Cross-posted from raincitystudios.com]

The "featured content rotator" seems to have become a standard feature in our client sites - a front page device for promoting content, using nice "flashy" effects during auto-rotation between promoted items. For Drupal 5 sites I ended up always working off the same custom module I had built for the first one and having to tweak it according to different client requirements: Did they want tabs? Did they want pause and play buttons? Should navigation be triggered on tab click or on tab hover? And so on. I had been thinking to myself I should really get around to writing a one-module-fits-all solution, where these options would just be different configuration settings. Well, I am now certain I will never write such a module. Recently, we needed to implement a rotator feature for a D6 client site. I had heard vaguely that there were D6 modules available but until I came across this post in the Duplicated Modules Hall of Shame on groups.drupal.org I had no idea that so many developers had contributed their own version of this feature.

YADCWUP or Yet Another DrupalCon Wrap-Up Post

I already posted a conference wrap-up over on the Raincity Studios site but wanted to write a more personal summary of the week here. One of the best things about the trip was the opportunity to hang out with Ariane and Audrey in our cool little flat in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.

Hofstadterian Loops

I Am a Strange Loop

Reading a book by Douglas Hofstadter is the intellectual equivalent of eating the most satisfyingly delicious meal imaginable in the most enjoyable company ever. I've only read three so far and my favourite has definitely been "Le Ton Beau de Marot", because I don't think it'll ever be possible for a book's subject matter to be so broad in scope and yet so perfectly match my own areas of deepest interest.